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In League and Harmony


The National Rugby League’s (NRL) ‘In League In Harmony’ (ILIH) aims to empower youth to be agents of change for a more cohesive society. 

Involvement in Rugby League provides opportunities for the youth to develop social skills in addition to the fundamental playing elements.  By being a part of the program our participants are empowered to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the diversity amongst their peers and the wider community. The program unites the youth to explore how their similarities and differences provide opportunities for them to move forward together in harmony.

This is achieved through theory and practical based activities which have been designed around the NRL’s values of Excellence, Inclusiveness, Courage and Teamwork. Through these learning experiences, the participants will have a greater capacity to contribute positively to a more socially cohesive society.  

The program is delivered over a period of six (6) school based sessions which then culminates in a celebratory Harmony Festival Gala Day.

In League In Harmony‘s delivery method is a non-formal educational approach. It is achieved by using Rugby League as the vehicle to educate key competencies of individuals and groups in order to contribute to personal development and sustainable social change.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will:

• Develop a positive sense of self

• Develop a positive attitude towards diversity

• Develop skills for effective communication and interaction across cultures

• Encouraged to value the school, club and centres as an integral part of the community

• Develop an understanding on how to gain access to relevant support services in their community

• Participate in Rugby League with confidence and competence

• Appreciate their ability to contribute positively to the success of others 

• Develop an understanding of how they can apply their movement skills learnt to improve their health

• Develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities

• Identify social issues in the community and be empowered to support themselves and others


For more information on the In League in Harmony program email