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The National Rugby League (NRL) receive hundreds of requests for donations and/or assistance from many worthy charities and organisations each season. The game is committed to assisting charities and community organisations that meet the goals of the NRL Community Strategy. 

The NRL receives many requests from individuals who have fallen on hard times. Whilst we will endeavour to assist as many of these people as possible, the individual’s relationship with the game will be a factor in assisting requests. 

What is available for donation?

There are a number of autographed and non-autographed merchandise items available for donation.

Preference will be given to the following causes: 

  • Individuals who are involved in rugby league and have fallen on hard times
  • Junior and Senior rugby league teams and clubs who have fallen on hard times 
  • Nominated NRL & NRL Club charities

Important information:

  • Donation request must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event
  • The NRL Community team will respond within 15 business days
  • Junior and Senior Rugby League Clubs must prove that their governing body or NRL Club recognises the importance of their cause
  • Schools must provide evidence of their support of Rugby League
  • Due to the high level of demand, we cannot take phone enquiries regarding whether the request has been approved, unless 6 weeks has passed since the request was sent
  • If you are fundraising via an event, please provide the date and location of the event, plus where the funds raised will be going in your application form. 
  • Donations are limited to one per organisation per year. 


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